Chaos to Freedom

Recover from chronic people pleasing,

mental exhaustion and

emotional burnout

so that you can be yourself again.

The struggle is real...

Struggling to get your life together.

Struggling to be happy.

Struggling with overwhelm.

Struggling to have energy.

Struggling to get things done.

Struggling to be present.

Struggling to be focused.

Struggling with low confidence.

Struggling with boundaries.

Struggling with being drained when around others.

Sruggling with not feeling loved.

Struggling with not having friends.

Struggling with relationships.

Struggling with not fitting in.

Struggling with not knowing who you are.

Struggling with feeling guilty all the time.

Struggling with not being able to say no.

Struggling with not being able speak up or "have" a voice.

Struggling with not being yourself.

Struggling to relax when around others.

Struggling to exist.

Struggling to express yourself.

Struggling with making repeat bad decisions.

Struggling with making decisions.

Struggling with negative emotions.

Struggling with low energy.

Struggling with boredom.

Struggling with feeling alone.

Struggling with feeling angry.

Struggling with feeling sad.

Struggling with feeling like something is wrong with you.

Struggling with people pleasing.

Struggling to do self-care.

Struggling with feeling tense and not relaxing.

Struggling not connecting with others.

Struggling with overthinking.

How long have you been waiting for your life to change,

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years?

Get the help that you have been searching for...

​I recently met with Persephone over Zoom for 3 wonderful and powerful sessions.

As a result of these last three sessions, I gained more confidence and the ability to say “no”

without feeling guilty or feeling as if I was letting someone else down, even if I no longer

received any joy or benefit. I am enjoying this wonderful position of empowerment, and

it was Persephone’s guidance that made this possible. Remembering the person I was

before I met Persephone, and knowing the person I am now, I encourage anyone in need

of healing from trauma or anxiety (yes, I had that, too), or anyone who just wants their life to

move in an empowered, positive direction to contact Persephone and experience what she has to offer."


Work With Persephone and transform your stress into clarity and find your true self.

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